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One moment of kindness in a world of pain...

Do you like sweet plum or cherry?

Memoirs of a Geisha Rating Community
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Welcome to geisha_rating!

This community was created for all fans of the novel and movie, Memoirs of a Geisha, who have always wondered who they were most like in personality and appearance.

You must read these before posting. The mod will probably know if you did not. If you break any of the rules listed here, expect to have your post deleted.

+ 1. You must join to post.
+ 2. You do not have to be stamped in order to vote on others, but you must join the community.
+ 3. Please make sure to use an LJ cut when posting your application.
+ 4. In the subject line of your post, please put "Sweet plum or cherry?" just so we know you read the rules.
+ 5. When posting your application, please do not put any dress-up or cosplay pictures of any characters. However, once you're stamped, feel free to share your cosplay pictures.
+ 6. You will be stamped after 5 votes or 1 week, unless of course there is a tie.
+ 7. When voting on entries, please BOLD your votes for easier counting.
+ 8. If you are TRULY unhappy with who you were voted as or if your looks changed dramatically, you may enter again to get a revote after a week of being stamped. There are a few simple rules: Try to use a few new images of you in your post. And finally, you are only allowed ONE revote entry!
+ 9 Feel free to promote us or feel free to ask to be affiliated.
+ 10. Have fun!


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