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FabulousPsycho [Lechery&Lipgloss] [userpic]
Sweet Plum or cherry?
by FabulousPsycho [Lechery&Lipgloss] (ashthoreth)
at October 22nd, 2009 (12:40 am)

current mood: mischievous

1. Name: Ishtar
2. Age: (Please no one under 13) 19
3. Gender: Female

4. Likes: snakes, apples, candy, cats, wolves, thunderstorms, needles
5. Dislikes: spoiled children, cold weather
6. Strong Points: Loyalty
7. Weak Points: Shyness
8. Hobbies: Drawing, dancing when no one is looking
9. Dreams: See my family again
10. Describe yourself in 3 words: Shy, sexy, crazy

11. Color: Purple
12. Food: Lasagna
13. Animal: Cat
14. Season (summer, spring, fall, winter): Summer
15. Fruit: Apple
16. Flavor: cherry
17. Smell: Soft scents

~Are you more...~
18. Optimistic or Pessimistic: A little of both
19. Hyper or Calm or Normal Energy: Hyper
20. Implusive or Think things through: A little of both
21. Outgoing or Shy: Shy

Lastly, please post at least TWO or more clear pictures of yourself:


Posted by: Artemis (crsg)
Posted at: October 22nd, 2009 11:09 am (UTC)

I see some Sayuri and some Chiyo... leaning just that little bit more towards Chiyo though. :)

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